Oakley Sunglasses Outlet

When motocross enthusiast Jim Jannard started making goggles for motocross riders from his garage, little did he know that his tiny operation would spawn one of the most successful eyewear brands in the world. But thanks to Jannard’s patented use of new techniques and materials, that is exactly what happened – and he achieved this feat in just 35 years.

In 1995 the company was launched on the stock exchange and in 2007 merged with Luxottica, creating the world's largest eyewear company, with Oakley sitting alongside stable mates such as Ray-Ban and Persol. Learning from these brands, Oakley has started to add a sense of style and fashion to their high-performance sunglasses, creating a demand from celebrities and fashionistas as well as world-class athletes.

But above all, Oakley remains loyal to their sporting background, consistently developing new high performance technologies designed to give athletes the edge. Their lenses afford maximum eye protection and visual clarity, while their frames are made from strong yet lightweight materials that offer impact protection few other brands can match. Nothing is more important to the brand than the performance of their product in the most competitive sporting arenas.

Our range of men’s Oakley sunglasses and women’s Oakley sunglasses includes the latest high performance pairs, as well as several of their new, more style conscious products, combining durability and function with a choice of bold colours and styles. For other types of sports sunglasses, you may want to consider our range of STORMtech Pro sunglasses. Free next day delivery and free worldwide delivery is available on all orders.